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Natal 2011 in te local press


See here the great article published in the newspaper Tribuna do Norte in Brazil.


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The dream of sailing

Luckily there are still dreams. Among many of them there are the dream of travelling in a giant ship through the Caribbean seas and the dream of playing basketball wherever you want.

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Greece in Bulgaria

At the end of the last year Thessaloniki sent a maxibasketball team in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, hosted by the mayor of the city. It was for the revenge of the game we had played last April in Greece.

We spent two beautiful days, played a game in a gym with a lot of spectators, made a great sightseeing in the old city of Plovdiv (a big part of it was greek) and we worked on building stronger contacts between the Bulgarians and the international Maxibasketball.

I attach the photos of the event...

Paris Petras (FIMBA Greece)



Maxibasketball in the Caribbean and Central America.

Read the maxi newsletter of the activities in the region, posted on the end of 2010.

Click here (spanish language).


Cruise Tournament

The inspectors appointed by FIMBA for the Basketball on the Sea have returned from the reconnoitering of the ship. They have decided the balls for the tournament, the marks of the courts, the system of the games control and whatever concerning the synchronization of the players of the championship.

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