Thursday, July 02, 2020
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FIMBA maxibasketball

Maxibasketball stadium in Ecuador

After 20 years of being closed, the sports facilities of the former central bank could be repaired and restored thanks to the Sports Federation of Guayas (Guayas is a province in the Ecuador Republic).

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Zagreb 2010 have not to be forgotten

The good thinks like Zagreb 2010 have not to be forgotten. So, I send to FIMBAnet a few old and new links of newspaper articals about FIMBA and about Zagreb 2010, and we put new photos on the galery. Enjoy it!...


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Nicaragua Videos


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The Maxiday

The International Day of the Maxi was held around the globe. As and example invite you to view images of Maxiday in Uruguay and Bulgaria and others.

Click here to view the foto galery....

Bonus track: Maxiday in Russia exclusive galery...


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