The house of the maxi in Ecuador


September 22nd, 2010, was a day that could be remembered as historic for those who love basketball in Ecuador. With a group of friends we got a court, we have replaced their 30 years old ground with new wood, and we have opened the arena that today is called "the veterans."

This arena is not only to train but a meeting point of a lifetime friends, hopefully in a few weeks, we will have ready the new stadium to paint it. 

This is a little old court that was part of the former Central Bank. This scenario remains as an unproductive asset until I could get it through several arrangements with the government.

We made a lot of work repairing the roof, lighting, bathrooms, locker rooms, and we still have a lot to fix, as the pool repair we are projecting for 2011.

In this place some days train male and other female. It also operates a small basketball school children.

We aim to improve our home in good shape. We will let you know some news very soon.

Greetings to all the maxi! Flavio Zavala, Ecuador FIMBA.