Friday, September 20, 2019
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MAXIDAY in Thessaloniki this year, was a big celebration. Five games were held back to back, and about 130 Maxibasketball players, coaches and referees were participated.

Thessaloniki Veteran Players' Association organized 4 mens' teams and two womens' teams and hosted teams from other places of the Northern Greece. Xanthi, Seres and Chalkidiki sent their Maxibasketball teams and played against the teams from Thessaloniki. A game between the Maxibasketball ladies from Thessaloniki was done, and a special game between a Maxibasketball mens' team from Thessaloniki and the team of the basketball reporters of the city took place!!

There was a spirit of friendship and happiness during the whole day, everybody was satisfied, and the teams from the other cities invited the Maxibasketball players of Thessaloniki at their places for the next games.

The games were played at the Sport complex called Mikra, at the municipality of Kalamaria, and the were done back to back started in the morning and finished about twelve hours later!


Source: Paris Petras, FIMBA Greece

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