Monday, June 01, 2020
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Cruise Tournament

The inspectors appointed by FIMBA for the Basketball on the Sea have returned from the reconnoitering of the ship. They have decided the balls for the tournament, the marks of the courts, the system of the games control and whatever concerning the synchronization of the players of the championship.

“We are absolutely enchanted with the possibilities we will be giving organizing this tournament aboard of the Oasis of the Sea. The players and their companions may enjoy a very special all - included. The life in a cruiser, the touristic marvels to be discovered in each port, the international shows and events organized every night, and the magic of the sea surrounding this giant of 17 decks and 300 meters length”, said one of the inspectors in charge for structuring the Basketball on the Sea.

We do not have doubts that the conjunction of tourism, rest, sport, outdoors life and the revelation of new places, will give to this event a special taste for maxibasket.

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