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FIMBA Canada Digest - December 2014

As we approach the holiday season, here’s to peace, love, blessings and happiness for everyone and their families and friends. I hope all the important people in your life are in good health, spirit and cheer.

This is the first of I hope will be a regular digest that will include news of importance to masters basketball players across Canada.

Earlier this fall, I was appointed as the Canadian representative for FIMBA – Federation of International MaxiBasketball (Masters) Basketball. Why ‘MaxiBasketball?’ The simple explanation is this: The Latin prefix Maxi, (means “The Highest”) so MaxiBasketball means an elite level for senior players.

Created in 1991 by founder and current president, Dr. Ruben Rodriguez Lamas of Argentina, FIMBA’s goal is to promote, organize and develop high-performance master’s basketball worldwide. Dr. Lamas is assisted by a tremendous volunteer board and player reps in 50 countries.

Thousands of men and women over age 30 play competitive hoops. Games and tournaments take place in nearly every country as these veteran players showcase their physical skills and abilities, providing a shining example to younger players of the benefits of playing sports and remaining physically fit.

I’ve never stopped loving or playing basketball, and have been playing master’s ball – leagues and tournaments – since I was 30. The highlight of my masters career so far came last year when our Hamilton (Canada) Stooges team won the gold medal in the 50+ Division at the World Masters Games in Turin, Italy. That was an incredible experience for me, and it’s given me renewed incentive to give something back to the sport that has given me so much.

I’m currently 56 and still in love with basketball – the greatest game on earth. My task with FIMBA is to promote the growth of masters basketball in Canada, while encouraging participation in the various FIMBA tournaments worldwide.

August 2015 will be an exciting time for FIMBA, as the organization hosts the 13th World Championships in Orlando, Florida. More than 250 teams from around the world are expected, including Canadian teams in every division. In this quickly evolving digital age, I plan to use the power of social media to bring you news and information on a variety of basketball topics. Most of it will have a Canadian focus, but other stories will just be darn good reading or viewing!

If you’ve got news or story ideas, please let me know. Reach me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

‘Don’t add age to your life but life to your age.’

Yours in basketball, Jude.


FIMBA’s 13th World Championships take place next August 20-30, 2015 at the spectacular Wild World of Sports Complex in lovely Orlando, Florida. Teams from across the planet will compete in all age categories from 40+ and up. For info and to register a team, go here. Former Boston College star, Jim Sweeney, is FIMBA’s USA rep. His blogs are insightful and historical. Read them here. ...With Canadians players getting selected #1 overall the past two seasons in the National Basketball Association, it’s boom time for hoops in the Great White North. To wit, there’s a record 13 Canadians on NBA rosters this season. That’s more than any other country expect the USA....I just discovered an excellent blog that’s all about Canadian university basketball. The site includes up to date game scores for all teams, player transfers and team rankings. Not only that, but site founder This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it is a devoted historian and wants to capture as much info as possible on his site. The history section is good, but he could use your help in clarifying or adding missing info. So if you played CIS or CIAU basketball, check out the site and send in any updates etc to Mr. Timmerman.

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